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Perfect for companies that only want some features for one site

1 Website


Most popular

Have more features for the same site to have more resources

1 Website



When you have more than one site and want every feature here

10 Websites

Features You will Get!

Start Plan Includes


With a Firewall, your site is more secure from unwanted visitors and other threats

Local Backup

Have backups saved on your website's server incase something happens

External Backup

Why just have it the backup on one server where it can be in multiple places

SSL Security

Allow the website to be found better on google and be safer for your visitors

SEO Plugin

Have paid features to have better organic search and social media shares.

Internal Linking for bloggers

Search engines like having things linked so this helps connect more posts together

WordPress Template

Use a well known template that is know for speed and its features its has for web owners

Auto Alt text seo

One less SEO thing to do and more searches on google images with this plugin installed on your site

Professional and Enterprise Plan Includes Everthing Above and

Hide WordPress Plugin

Have visitors detect your site as not WordPress even though its made on WordPress

Affiliate Plugin

Have other people help with marketing especially for woocommerce sales

CSS Editor Plugin

Change appearance of your website with this plugin with less issues

404/301 Monitor Plugin

See where errors are happens on nonexistent pages or broken links.

Quiz/Guide Plugin

Guide people with a quiz/guide for less questions

Google Maps Plugin

Change appearance on your own google maps for different options

Contact Form Plugin

Use a premium contact form so people can reach out to you

Bulk Woocommerce Order Editor

Export, update and import changes with excel (CSV) file with ease

Custom Posts Creation

When Pages and posts are enough, have customized posts for more information

Raffle Plugin

Promote giveways with this handy plugin doing the work for you on the site

Funnel for E-commerce

Control what people do on you e-commerce site for more sales

Image Compressor

Make your website faster by having image size less of an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've gathered some answers

Difference between Web Design and Add-ons?

Addons are for websites that are done and wanting more features for them.

What Payments Do You Accept?
I accept payments through square as main option. Other option include Paypal as well.
Can I cancel anytime?
You can cancel anytime. You will have access to updates and plugin till end of the paid time. Afterwards, updates and some access will be limited by the sites not by me.
Do you do 1 Month plans?

No, a full access to the plugins will provide better resources for sites compared to one month only

Don't see my question here

Send us a question the contact form we have on our site


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